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- GMAT Smart Course
(Sat & Sun)
StartApr 21, 2018
- GMAT Smart Course (Saturday only)
StartApr 21, 2018
- GMAT Smart Course (Sunday only)
StartApr 22, 2018

- GRE Smart Course (Sat & Sun) 
StartApr 21, 2018
- GRE Smart Course (Sunday only)
StartApr 22, 2018

- SATSmart Course
(Mon - Thu)
StartApr 23, 2018

- SATSmart Course (Sat & Sun)
StartApr 21,2018

- TOEFL Smart Course
(Saturday only)
StartApr 21, 2018

- IELTS Smart Course
(Sunday only)
StartApr 22, 2018
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Test Preparation Courses
TheInternational General Certificate of Secondary Education(abbreviatedIGCSEoriGCSE) is an internationally recognisedqualificationfor school students, typically in the 1416 age group. It is similar to the GCSEin England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
In Thailand,IGCSE completion is accepted by Ministry of Education as High schoolequivalency (Mathayom 6) which can be used for college/university admission in many institutions including Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University, MahidolUniversity International College (MUIC), and Assumption University (ABAC).
The IGCSE exams are designed for students who have different abilities; therefore,students can select to take Core (easier exam papers) or Extended (more difficult exam papers)
Core : A full overview of the subject. Students will achieve grade C, D, E, F, or G.
Extended : Extra topics will be added. Students will achieve grade A, B, C, D, E, F, or G
To apply for IGCSE, applicants need to contact British Council by 0-2652-5480-9.
Generally, there are two periods of test in a year which are:
1. in May/June
2. in October/November
In 2012, test fee is 5,200-8,200 Baht per subject. If applicants apply after the normal entry, they will be charged 3,000 Baht per subject for late entry application.
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